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Weed & Headphones – Istambul Disco

Istambul Disco
From the Album Weed & Headphones.

Istambul Disco, from the Album Weed & Headphones. World music by Karl Kot. Full Album Available on google play, https://play.google.com/store/music/a… Amazon https://www.amazon.de/Weed-Headphones… Deezer, Spotify, i Tunes, applemusic and many more.

Everything used to be better

Everything used to be better
Karl Kot. Everything used to be better

Everything used to be better. If you are old enough you will understand. If you are to young to understand, don´t take it too serious. This song is dedicated to Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis, Jimmy Hendrix and the best musician ever – Mr.Frank Zappa.

Thanks to KZ. for the fantastic Guitar Solo.

Music recorded at the Soundcave. Artwork by Rose Schulz. Written and produced by Karl Kot. Performed by the Karl Kot Band.

Rien ne va plus.

Karl Kot. Rien ne va plus

No more Bets. No more Bets on your Life.

I had to make this Song because I am angry about the Situation in our World.

I hope this Song makes you think.

Please leave comments if you agree or disagree.

If this Song makes you angry – good.

If it makes you think – better.

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Music recorded at the Soundcave.
Video recorded in Lisbon and Sintra, Portugal.
Madrid, Valencia, and Javea Spain.
Hannover, Germany.

Karl Kot feat. Mia

Do you realy believe

Karl Kot feat. Mia. Do you realy believe.

Do you realy believe you are free?

Don´t you think that you are just a modern Slave, not driven by the Whip anymore but with Deadlines.

Music recorded at the Soundcave. 

Voices by Karl Kot and Mia.

Written by Karl Kot.

Performed by the Karl Kot Band.

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