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Funny Jokes. Mr. Greengrass. 

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Weed Jokes.

Hi, My Name is Mr. Greengrass, Gary Greengrass, and I present you my best Jokes every week.

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Funny Weed Jokes.
Funny Jokes. Mr. Greengrass.

And what is your Superpower ???

Mr. Greengrass. Superpower.
Funny Jokes. Mr. Greengrass – Weed Jokes


Too much Weed ? Too much sitting on your Computer ?
Here the best advice to do Sport. You´ll love it !!!!!

Do not drink
Be careful when you drink.

Mr. Greengrass. Looking for a date as soon as possible.

Mr. Greengrass. The Truth about Women

Mr. Greengrass – Funny Jokes

Mr. Greengrass. Weed Jokes. Learning Chinese.

Funny chinese vocabulary test. Words you have to know.



Mr. Greengrass. Weed Jokes. Peace on Earth.

What would happen if everybody on earth smokes a joint at the same time ?

Mr. Greengrass. Weed Jokes. Police Stop

Have a good laugh, and be careful driving stoned.

Weed Jokes.
Funny Jokes.

Mr.Greengrass. Weed Jokes. Big Deal

Too stoned or too stupid ?

Mr Greengrass. Weed Jokes. AC /DC

Concert or Wedding ?


Mr Greengrass. Stoned or Stupid.

All Day stoned is a regular Life.

Mr. Greengrass. Space Cake.

Be careful eating too many Space Cakes.

Meditation with my cat and dog. Find your inner self. Happiness comes from within.

And I thought this is a good Name for my Dog. I´ve might been wrong. Did not expect the reaction of the people when calling him.
Just released and already sentenced to 30 Whips in Saudi Arabia.

Mr.Greengrass. Elevator.

Mr. Greengrass. Womanizer

 Mr. Greengrass. Womanizer 2.

Mr Greengrass. The best way to become a rich man.

I am sooo generous !!

Mr. Greengrass visit to Washington

Alzheimers or tooo much Weed??

Main Machine.

Allow me to present myself.

When I was born I was very young. My Father was in Jail at that time because of his believes.

He believed not to have to pay the rent for our house


I have 18 brothers and sisters, plus 1 I don´t know what.

We´ve had just one bed to sleep in for all of us.

So, at night, my mother layed down the youngest,

and when he felt asleep, she put him against the wall,  and the next one was layed down into the bed.


School, well, I can´t remember.


My first job was at a blacksmith.

I realy tried hard and when he said `If I nod you strike`

He never nodded again.


My friends always ask me `Why are you Single´

`You are attractive, you are intelligent`

`You are kind and funny`

And my reply is

I am Overqualified !!!



One word to my Motto.

Do what you love and money will follow.

So, I prefer staying at home, drinking beer, play with my cat, play with my dog, watch TV; smoke

and Wait !!!


That´s it. Enjoy my funny jokes.


Ahh, one more word.

I have just started a Diet. I removed all the bad food from my house.

It was delicious !!!


Funny Jokes Mr.Greengrass