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Javea, Spain, Beaches

Javea, Spain
Javea at the Costa Blanca North, Spain

Located between Valencia and Alicante. Enjoy 20 kilometres of its mediterranean coastline, with a wide choice of beaches like the sandy beach at El Arenal, with its leisure areas, or heavenly coves as La Granadella, La Barraca or la Sardiniera. Enjoy fantastic Sunrises and Sunsets at the mediterranean Coast between the Cabo San Antonio and Cabo de la Nao.




Cascais and Estoril about 20 miles west of Lisbon. Cascais is the former residence of the portuguise royal family and one of the pioneers of tourism in Portugal. It is a very charming village. Ideal for a portugal holiday and to  enjoy its fantastic beaches.



                                                                Norwegian Cruise.

High mountains and panoramic fjords cutting deep into the country.

Caribbean Cruise


Curacao - Carribean Sea
Caribbean Sea, Curacao

Curacao,  southern part of the Caribbean Sea.

Cordoba The Mosque

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The Mosque and Cathedral of Córdoba


Cordoba, La Mezquita in Spain is one of the World’s greatest Works of Islamic Architecture. The Mosque, or Cathedral of Córdoba, with its lustrous decoration was built at the age when Muslims, Jews and Christians lived side by side and enriched their city. Being inside is realy breathtaking and it is one of the places you have to visit once in your lifetime.

Cordoba Part 2

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos
Alcazar de los Reyes

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos. The Gardens are stunning with beautiful mosaics, ponds, trees and plants. It is worth climbing the tower, and you have to visit the roman excavations inside.

Nice flamenco Song along with pictures from Cordoba, Spain.

Discover Alaska

Discover Alaska
Alaska cruise.
Alaska Cruise from VANCOUVER to KETCHIKAN.
JUNEAU, SKAGWAY, SITKA, Mt.McKINLEY. Travel the world.

Denia Costa Blanca Part 1, Beaches

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Denia Costa Blanca Part 1, Beaches

Beaches of Denia, at the Costa Blanca North. Denia is a cosmopolitan town located along the Mediterranean coastline. 20 kms of sandy beaches and rocky coves makes Denia an ideal place to live or for beach holidays. Located between Alicante and Valencia, it has a sophisticated infrastructure, with 2 Marinas, one of them offering 550 moorings including a full range of services, Bars and Restaurants. North of the town, you will find beaches of fine sand like Las Marinas, south    you´ll find small coves along the rocky coast called Las Rotas, perfect for fishermen and divers. The Montgó Mountain is the major landmark of the area. And the best of all, 320 sunny days a year. In 1982 the WHO -World Health Organisation- recommended the climate of the area as one of the most equitable in the world.

Denia Town in Spain, Port and leisure Areas. Part 2.

Denia Town in Spain, Port and leisure Areas
Denia Town at the costa blanca, Spain. Port and leisure Areas.

Denia Town in Spain, Port and leisure Areas. Part 2. This out-standing Town of the Costa Blanca North has a patrimony that gives a good account of it´s historical brilliance, and its gradual conversion into a modern city, in which leisure occupies an out-standing position. A Port, a sports Marina and a Nautical Club with 1600 mooring points, light sailing and windsurfing schools, rent of cruise craft, skin-diving centres and 3 Golf Courses.


Snow in Javea, Costa Blanca, Spain

Snow in Javea at the mediterranean sea
Karl Kot. Travel the world. Snow in Javea, Costa Blanca, Spain

Snow in Javea, Costa Blanca, Spain. Filmed at our house and at Javea beach.

Impressions of Santander, Cantabria, Spain

Santander, Spain
Santander, Cantabria, Spain

Impressions of Santander, Cantabria, Spain. Santander is one of the most elegant and beautiful cities at the north coast of Spain.

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